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Saturday, January 5, 2013


One of the most important things to me during my weight loss journey is accountability. Reporting to someone and feeling the pressure of that changes how you think and act. 
I do many different things to hold myself accountable....
* joined I log everything I eat and have many friends on there who can see my log.
       seeing a log of what you are eating helps you be more aware of what is going in your body! 
       (An alternative to this could be writing everything down)  
* MLFC this is a group on Facebook. Every month there are different challenges, some with prizes,            
   some without. Being part of a group that has similar goals in mind has helped tremendously.
* exactly like it sounds. You bet money to lose weight! What could be more motivating     
   than money?!?!?!?
* THIS BLOG! Telling you all my goals makes me stay accountable! 
* Last but certainly not least! My sister, Brianna! Brianna decided her New Years resolution this year is  
   to lose weight! What better way to stay accountable than to continue being a good role model as well
   as providing tips and advice to your little sister?!?! Brianna and I have decided to have monthly
   challenges with each other and create a workout calendar each month to help us stay accountable! 

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